Antivirus software are not foolproof

AntiVirus Software, Firewalls, Spam Filters, etc, etc, etc.

These software and hardware have become a necessity in any modern computing environment. Can any corporation afford to be without it ? I think not.

The variety of these software is growing daily, each purporting to be better than the other. Is there really one that is better than all the others ? The simple answer is no.

When any one particular AntiVirus, AntiSpam, AntiSpyware or Firewall system is recommended, considerations of suitability ot task, your particular scenario, cost, etc., are all taken into consideration. That does not make any one of the products on their own or collectively foolproof. Any expectation of these products to be foolproof is totally unrealistic.

I often get asked when attending to an infection or outbreak, “But, don’t we have AntiVirus / AntiSpam / AntiSpyware Software on our systems ? Why aren’t the products doing the job ?”. Let’s consider this scenario. You put up security bars and alarm systems at your offices. Does that mean your office will never ever get broken into ? It can still happen (and for some of you, it has happened before on more than one occasion as well).

Additionally, users must also take responsibilities when using their systems. Social engineering is often used in phising scams and the spread of viruses and spyware and the ever increasing number of fake security products. It really is up to users to educate themselves to be wary of e-mails with attachments or links from unknown sources or are suspicious in nature and not rely entirely on their security products to keep them completely safe.

Products must also be continually updated. A person can still catch the flu even though they may have gone for a flu vaccine injection. As the flu virus is constantly changing, computer viruses also keep changing as well. And some Polymorphic Viruses are extremely difficult to detect and eradicate. The Virus writers and spammers out there constantly strive to find ways to overcome or hide from antivirus and detection software. As they are not sitting still, AV products must also continue to evolve to keep up with them. Products that are not kept up to date very quickly lose their effectiveness.

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