Cloud Services

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  • Cloud-based services offers great flexibility to every business. Services are provided directly through high speed Internet connection.

    A wide range of services are available from the cloud, from emails, web hosting to software and hardware server provisioning. Completely scalable and you pay for only what you use.

Cloud Services for SMBs

Surf the websites of any IT company, and you are most likely to find the word ‘Cloud’ on their website. Cloud or Hosted services are technology services provided from a data centre (either locally or overseas), and are delivered to your desktop or mobile devices through the Internet.

For SMBs, Cloud Services provide an opportunity to move from ‘CAPEX’ to a ‘OPEX’ model. Under the CAPEX model, most businesses would purchase hardware and software at an upfront price and depreciate it over the years. By moving to the Cloud or Hosted Services, businesses will embrace the OPEX model instead, where cloud services are operational costs which are usually paid monthly, and paid as they go. This allows SMBs to access technological services which were previously too expensive to purchase upfront in the past.

For SMBs, significant benefits of using cloud services are improvements to cashflow, scalability, quick startup and deployment and access to enterprise-grade technologies previously only available to larger organisations.

Public Cloud

We provide the following public cloud services:

  1. Email Hosting. If you are still using Yahoo or Gmail for your business emails, it’s time to change to Email Hosting for a more professional email address which reflects your business. Email Hosting provides a cost-effective alternative to having your own Microsoft Exchange server.
  2. Web Hosting. Our web hosting packages are very competitive and prices start from $12.95 per month. We also provide website management by managing your web pages on the host server, monitoring to ensure your website is up and running and liaising with host providers for any support issues.

  3. VPS Hosting. VPS Hosting allows you access to a fast and more powerful server, without having to maintain the hardware. (VPS stands for ‘Virtual Private Server’). Generally used for hosting website and emails, VPS Hosting can also be used as your cloud storage, remote backup facility or even as a testing environment for your business.

Private Cloud

With Private Cloud, IT Infrastructure are located in-house within your premises or environment. We can implement a private cloud which can only be accessed by your employees and authorised personnel. Ideal for businesses who prefer to maintain their infrastructure in-house due to security concerns, ease of access and high speed access to data and applications.

  1. Upfront Purchase. Resources to set up a Private Cloud can be purchased up-front (which includes hardware and software required for your IT Infrastructure). We can also manage your private cloud through Managed IT Services or if you have an internal IT Department, we can provide further assistance or services on an ad-hoc basis.
  2. Leasing. Alternatively, we also provide an option for established, long term clients to rent or lease IT Infrastructure from us. This includes server hardware and software (Microsoft licensing for Windows Server OS, Microsoft applications and etc). This option is suitable for businesses who wants to go on a ‘OPEX’ model by monthly payment, but would also prefer the IT Infrastructure to be located in-house or on their premises rather than with an external hosting provider. We call this “Cloud on Premises”.

Hybrid Cloud

The Hybrid Cloud model combines both Private and Public Cloud features. For example, businesses may have their IT Infrastructure located on their premises. They can provision additional resources (such as additional servers, services or storage) from an external hosting provider when required.

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