Office Relocation

  • Office Relocation

  • Moving your business to a new location?

    Throughout the years, we have assisted many SMBs in relocating their IT Infrastructure to a new premise.

    Most SMBs are highly dependent on their systems to work without a glitch from day one at the new premises.

    Relocation also require SMBs to deal with various external vendors to ensure a smooth operation.

We can assist you by providing our Project Management skills in the following:

  1. Audit of IT Infrastructure. We will produce a report of your current IT assets, and may provide some recommendations. An Infrastructure diagram will be mapped out to help us to understand every aspect of your IT environment. We will also provide copies of these documentation for your reference and safekeeping.
  2. On-site Evaluation of new premises. Evaluation will involve assessing the data & voice network, and electrical wirings. Any potential roadblocks will be highlighted to management immediately, and we will assist you in understanding and resolving any issues.
  3. Vendor Support. We will liaise and work with any external vendors to ensure a smooth relocation. Regular communication is essential and we will participate in any meeting or discussions when requested.
  4. IT Equipment Setup. We can dismantle equipment and setup and install all IT devices (desktops/servers/peripherals) at new premises. This includes most telecommunication devices as well.
  5. Systems Testing. After setup completion, a general testing of essential equipment will be conducted to ensure a smooth ‘opening day’ at your premises.
  6. Go-Live Support. We can provide on-site support on your ‘opening day’ to ensure all systems go-live smoothly.
  7. Post-Relocation Review. At your request, we can conduct a review of the relocation project, and follow up on any outstanding issues.

We can offer you a comprehensive office relocation services to ensure your peace of mind on your first day in your new premises.

Contact us today if you like to discuss any aspects of your office relocation with us.